Welcome to MILA!

MILA develops, maintains, and distributes open-source resources and tools for computational processing of Hebrew.

The Hebrew language poses special challenges to developers of natural language processing systems, due to its deficient orthography and rich morphology. A solid software infrastructure based on linguistic knowledge is required for natural language applications such as automatic translation, speech-to-text conversion, automatic document summarization, spelling and style checking, and many more.

MILA develops, maintains, and distributes the resources and tools needed for Hebrew natural language processing: corpora of text and speech documenting how people use the language; lexicons (dictionaries); standards for data representation; tools to tokenize, morphologically analyze, and morphologically disambiguate text; and more.

All of MILA's tools and resources are freely available to the non-commercial research community; see the License section for more details. Commercial entities are invited to contact MILA to inquire about terms.